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Goa Goes Online

In the months of May and June 2020, led by the Directorate of Education Goa, more than 10,000 government and aided school teachers were trained in Goa to learn how to reach their students through virtual and distance learning. This series explores the learning from the training program, action plan for reaching every child in Goa and support mechanism to build content 

Leadership in Crisis

Today, we are enveloped by a crisis we hardly understand, in the form of the Covid pandemic. Now, more than ever, we need strong leaders to step up and think differently. In this series, we want to shed light on the stories of leaders leading through adversity and creating an alternative path to keeping education alive for each child.


How Goa Trained 10,000 Teachers in 12 days to Come Online. 

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Leading through adversity — educators on the frontline in Goa

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Training 400 Special Educators to Adapt to the New Normal in Goa

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Goa’s Three-pronged Approach to Reach Every Child

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Building content collaboratively — the road less travelled

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