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We primarily support NGOs and CSR bodies in developing impact assessment tools and rubrics that can be used by all stakeholders to continuously collect data against program/organisational benchmarks to work towards improvement. Our tech enabled platform generates reports that organisations can use to make effective decisions and to map growth.

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1. Orientation: Trainers from the centres/team from the college are oriented in how to undertake the review


2. Undertake the review: In a college a multi stakeholder team consisting of students, professors and parents are guided through the process of an evidence-based, self-review of the college. In a career readiness centre, trainers are supported in administering the career readiness diagnostic to their students, wherein students assess their own level of career readiness using evidence.                      


3. Analysing Data: Reports are generated and trainers/college teams are trained in how to understand and use the data.                    


4. Action Planning, Confirming the shift and Support for improvement: Support is provided in creating an action plan. Resources and additional training are provided based on the need to the partner.

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