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School Development Index

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SDI is an independent and comprehensive school assessment of the schools in Delhi, being done by DCPCR. The Commission's vision is to make information about schools accessible to parents, devise ways to acknowledge well-performing schools and put in place a system for effective governance of schools in the city. 

Adhyayan Foundation partnered with DCPCR in 2017 - 2018, to build the framework and the tool for the evaluation. The framework was built keeping in mind the context of children and schools in Delhi along with  DCPCR's priorities and vision for the evaluation process. The tool consists of the following themes: 


  1. Safety and Security which involves physical, emotional, sexual, structural, fire, hygienic, medical safety of the children;

  2. Teaching and Learning which involves the teachers’ availability, qualifications, pedagogy, interaction with students, students’ reading proficiency in English and Hindi and arithmetic ;

  3. Parental Participation which involves PTMs, or other means of parental involvement in schools;

  4. Social Inclusion which involves fill rates, retention rates, experience of children admitted under this provision and whether the department is disbursing the reimbursement timely.

Other Projects

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