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Systemic School Improvement
Programme - Goa

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This program is being undertaken since June 2018 in partnership with the Directorate of Education, Goa to improve the quality of all 827 government schools in the state. So far through this program 177 assessors from within the system have been trained, the capacity of 104 hub leaders (who are serving school leaders) is being built to drive the data-based improvement journey in their group of 5 - 15 schools.  The state has set up strong professional learning communities wherein schools collectively review evidence of their progress and support each other in taking next steps. So far, 827 schools have begun to work on their action plans for improvement and are being regularly monitored by their hub leaders.


Data is available at all levels - hub, taluka, zone and state. This data is reviewed every month by system leaders at the various levels and is used to make targeted decisions for improvement including what professional development the school leaders and teachers need.

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Launched in 2018, the Systemic School Improvement Program (SSIP) is a comprehensive approach to improve the quality of teaching, learning, and educational governance by building the capacity of education leaders to continuously quality assure Government schools through data-based monitoring, and to use the data to take due action. This will result in improvements in schools under the different domains and standards of Shaala Siddhi. 


As a part of SSIP, multiple initiatives are being undertaken, tied to the standards in the common quality framework of Shaala Siddhi, to ensure all stakeholders share one understanding of what a good school looks like. One such initiative in line with the state’s thrust towards the Nipun Bharat Mission is a partnership with Gyan Prakash Foundation (GPF) and Gooru India Foundation in May 2021 to scale the competency-based approach to learning through technology.This initiative is closely linked with Domain 3 of Shaala Siddhi that focuses on enabling tracking a learners’ progress and supporting based on their needs.


Gooru Navigator is a digital data backbone that provides the teacher with real-time feedback on every child's learning on each competency. It also offers relevant content suggestions in line with the universal principles of learning. The Gooru Navigator enables the entire ecosystem of teachers, school leaders and system leaders to coordinate and to make informed decisions based on  ‘where’ the child is, to optimize learning in every possible way.


In the academic year 2021-22, the Gooru Navigator platform was piloted in 40 schools in Goa with the aim of demonstrating how it aids teachers in competency-based education and school leaders in making decisions based on sound data. The implementation was done in partnership with the Directorate of Education (DoE), Goa,  Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation (AQEF) and GPF.


Based on their experience of the Gooru Navigator pilot in 2021-22, Samagra Shiksha, SCERT and DoE Goa decided to adopt the platform to enable data-driven, competency-based education at each level in the education system of the state of Goa.  The FLN mission will be implemented using Gooru Navigator as the content and data platform across the state of Goa.


Navigator Disha : Contextualizing Technology to Rural Needs

Supported by Cisco’s India Cash Grant Program,  Navigator Disha seeks to contextualize the Learning Navigator Platform and its various apps with offline features in India to support all learners in technologically challenged environments, especially those with intermittent or poor connectivity. The project is currently in its second year of implementation. It provides navigation ability to achieve learning outcomes for learners through relevant applications with offline features.

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